Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer of Color - Blue

I know some of my SR sisters are joining in
The Summer of Color
fun for the next few weeks,
why don't you work along with us?
The focus will be on a different color each week
and I'll probably use the it on
whatever project I'm working on at the time -
This week the color is blue -
a secondary favorite of mine - lol.
I've been meaning to cover my basic planner
since before January -
but life has been happening y'all
so I'm just getting to it
- started on it earlier in the week
- and I chose BLUE.
Since I finished it up tonight it will be my
project for this week.
Love my girls - click here to see more of them.


Kristin said...

This cover is just beautiful - and I loved all the work on your FB page! So happy to have you - thanks for playing along, Kristin xo

Lesley said...

This is really beautiful! I love it. I'm taking part in the Summer of Colour too. Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

NatashaMay said...

Hi Judy! Nice to meet you! :) I'm looking forward to seeing you at Summer of Color challenge. :) Lovely piece of art! I think you're a little ahead though. Blue prompt is for next week's challenge. :)

TrishaTrixie said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Summer of Color and the wondrous creations you will share!

creatingme said...

HEllo! I am joining along too. Looking forward to it!

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I'm glad you're joining in the Summer of color. And isn't it great to know we can do whatever suits our fancy that week! I'm glad you're participating and looking forward to seeing what you do!

joanna said...

Love your journal cover!