Thursday, June 9, 2011

He Speaks to Me

Let’s be bluntly honest here, how many of you have a
designated quiet time with God?
And how much time do you actually spend with Him?

And more questions – where do you feel closest to Him? Have you ever spent 45 minutes to an hour [or more] alone – just you and God? What was it like? Do you have memories of special devotional times at church camp – just sitting out in nature communing with our Lord?

Can you tell that I do? But the busyness of life often gets in the way, doesn’t it? I so admire those who have the discipline to set aside time like this. One of my friends in Bible Study once talked about a women’s retreat where they set aside an hour of alone time with God – just you and God. And it wasn’t until I attended this retreat that I really ‘got’ what she was talking about. A designated TIME to just be with God; to read through scriptures, sing praise songs in my head, [or out loud – depending on how close other people might be,] and talk with God. Just, finally, being STILL to sit in the presence of our Lord… It’s an awesome thing, for sure.

[An all-time favorite song of mine by Larnell Harris]

But honestly, I don’t take the time for this often enough… I do start each day with a devotional time [usually ~ on-line ~ from Proverbs 31 Woman or Girlfriends in God,] but I long for those times, uninterrupted, to worship our Lord. And while I worship deeply during the praise time at church, I find that I often want to take the time to just sit [be still] in nature and commune with God. [Some favorite places? Up under our tree in the backyard, sitting by our fire-pit, at the beach, in the mountains…]

But guess what I’ve noticed recently? I’ve found that when I’m painting and creating my girls [they’ve now got a name: Soul Sisters] I’m talking with God throughout the entire process – not about where to put what on the canvas, but instead about needs in my friends’ lives, and, in my own. About desires I have for Him to continue to lead my family, even as our boys are establishing their lives as independent adults. About the guidance that I continually need from Him as I go through life’s journey… about His goodness.

And somehow, in my art, He’s speaking to me. Or, perhaps more accurately, I’m slowing down enough to hear his voice… I encourage you to take the time to be still as well… in whatever way fits best for your life right now…

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Donna said...

I LOVE this post!! I'm the same way, I talk to our Lord while I create, I feel so close to him! Thankyou for sharing!!