Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Arts Stroll

Was so fun! An acquaintance said to me - I didn't know you were an artist!

And I'm like, I didn't know it either - lol!

The other artists there said I was selling too cheap,

but I SOLD [$$] and only brought home about 1/4 of what I took.

I never want this to be a job - but it was nice to have an outlet for these girls I enjoy painting so much -

and I'm thinking I may do the one in August as well...

Victoria and Chasdity - friends from work and my 1st customers!

Matt and friends [I want to shop this one so that the sign looks like it's announcing ME - lol]

Other artists

Me @ booth - camera was set wrong so it's a little blurry -

Matt, Heather and Stephanie with brooms,

Our booth -

Again - it was a lot of fun, I only regret not being able to get around to see the work of others'.
Most of these photos were taken by the newspaper photography that took my photo for the 'Go' Magazine a few years back.
And of course, a couple taken by Matt's friend, Miriam
- love that she usually has her camera with her!


Carolyn Phillips said...

Of course you are an artist. Glad you sold so well and your talent was recognised.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

What a fabulous day for you! Your very first show! Congratulations!

By the way, I knew you were an artist a long time ago! I am glad that you finally know it now as well!