Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Notes

that helped me make through the last couple of weeks while dealing with person-after-person [on average I saw over 100 people a day - we saw over 30,000 people this last week alone]
- In the last two weeks I’m sure I’ve heard every possible southern dialect [think Steele Magnolias] and Spanish as well, and…hmm, German, Indian, Iranian, Asian and Czechoslovakian too
- I’m confused that someone living in a homeless shelter with no income has a better cut and color than I do – just sayin'
- I never realized so many southern women are named after their fathers: Michael, Allen, Ronnie, Bobbie, Jo, Sam, even saw a couple of Alex’s and Martins
- I believe in prayer and Dayquil -it’s what got me through
- Can I just say once and for all – WOMEN! Stop supporting these men in your lives! I can understand a short-term unemployment, but this is a LIFESTYLE…and while I'm on the subject, there's others who shouldn't let their man run around fancy free, dressing all GQ, while you're taking care of the kids on food stamps..
- When I’m tired and sick I have little tolerance for ignorant people [be glad you weren't the last person I saw on Sunday who came in with a better income than me yet demanding that I give her the benefits..…]
- I get frustrated with people who continue to text while being interviewed – I finally told him it was rude and I wasn't going to continue until he stopped [I also told him I'd say the same thing to my own boys -]
- Kids [a term I use loosely to describe anyone between 18 and 30 – ha] in urban areas have whiter teeth than those in rural areas… - and more tattoos… - and more tongue studs [yuck.]
- There's also more old hippies and strippers [young and old] in urban areas
- People who obviously lie disgust me – there, I said it.
Whew - good to get that out -
Have a good week y'all; BE WEATHER AWARE! I'm recuperating from one terrific head cold and catching up after being out of my office for three weeks - yippee.


Viji Siddharth said...

Sorry you are having a hard time with work! It has been a terrible week with the tornado's. So many lives lost for no reason...Stay safe.

Gloria L. said...

I have to hand it to you - I would NOT be able to keep my patience in some of those circumstances. God has given you a gift, for sure!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

You must put up with a lot!It is good you had your Day Quill to go with your prayers. You might have to have lots of deep breaths as well! I'm glad you put your foot down when someone was rude enough to text while you talk to them. That is a pet peve of mine.