Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Wow - it's been a very busy week at work. It just always seems to BE there. But that's a good thing, right? I'm fortunate to have a stable job that I enjoy.
  2. We had a ton of rain for several nights, and it feels a little more like winter than spring right now [that's okay, I can breathe again] so we had a little fire in our fire pit and made hobo dinners for supper one night. Yum.
  3. Of course, Craig fished some, [love this picture of him!]
  4. And we watched our TV shows [+ a couple of movies]: Modern Family on Wednesdays, Gray's Anatomy on Thursdays, Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, and All-Star Chopped on Sunday, and of course - our favorite - House - on Mondays. [We DVR so we may not always watch the show the night it comes on.]
  5. I had Bible Study on Thursday night - love this group of gals who can get together and share our pain and joys. Please join me in prayer for one who is especially hurting right now. Going through some tough stuff, and so tired of being brave for her husband through it all. Glad our Thursday nights are a safe place to share.
  6. And crafted some - painted [by sight - truly] the Brave Girls Club logo on my apron for a contest [it's not exact, didn't want to infringe on copyrights ...] It's well-used, that's for sure!
  7. We went out to eat with friends on the weekend - and yippee! It's 'prom season' - as mothers of boys, we love to see all the gowns and offer our little critiques [to ourselves, of course] of what we see. Two proms this weekend - and all the gowns [we saw] were classy and not showing too much. Saw some bling, some fabric flowers, some scrunchy ruffles, and one that looked like a fairy wedding dress - only when it was in the light it was the palest yellow - gorgeous. We especially loved a couple of the short ones too - very cute.
  8. Sharing a photo of the fam from last week - just because. [Had to grab it in the parking lot after we had dinner, and no that's not our truck - the camera was on our vehicle...
  9. Sunday we had the 'Jesus Painter' at our church - awesome work. He paints little vignettes underneath the paintings. And, wow! - they're big! I don't think I have a wall big enough to handle one!
  10. And lastly - we had Thai for lunch with oldest - it's been a while since we've been there and it was delish, as always. Thai Noodle for me, Spicy Beef Salad for oldest, and Masamon Chicken with a little wasabe for my sweetie.


craftymom205 said...

Thanks for sharing. I will keep your friend in my prayers.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Donna said...

You really have been busy!!! I love that you have a strong connection with a group of ladies. I need to find that! Always great to read your posts, and I'll pray for your friend!

Viji Siddharth said...

I totally love your apron! So cool! It is so super crafty!
Prayers for your friend.

Whispers and Wishes said...

love your apron, Judy. You are always such a positive force... so glad to have met you through BGC.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

It has been so long since I really sat and read your blog. I am going through post by post and it is so great to read so many things that reminds me how fun life really can be.

I pray your friend from your Bible group is doing better and is dealing with her problems with less stress.

That is a good picture of Craig. He looks like he couldn't be happier!

You were talking about a prom dress that looked like a wedding dress. My senior prom dress was a cream color that also looked like a wedding dress. Then it was! Since my husband took me to that prom, I decided to wear it as my wedding dress. I am always glad I did. Now one dress has memories from two special occasions - one of them more special than the other of course!

I have never been a fan of short prom dresses. I like the long, lacy dresses that seem more formal to me. Way back in my prom days, I don't remember a single girl wearing a short dress.