Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Note to self: zoom on phone is digital; not optical [and worthless.] But given the right parameters the phone CAN take some pretty good pictures! [All photos on this post were taken with my phone.]
  2. I cut my hair this week. At work. With paper scissors. When I’m tired of it, it just has to go – ha. [I’ve been doing this for years and have had only the occasional mess up.]
  3. Finished the week up with a little quality time with my new chipper / shredder – is it crazy to admit how much I enjoy pushing stuff through and seeing it come out in little bitty bits that will nourish my garden? Okay, so I embrace my quirkiness! Speaking of that -
  4. We gathered the youngsters together to enjoy the St. Paddy’s Day parade downtown. Lots of good green fun! [Legend has it that my great – great –great [?] grandfather was found on the side of the road with no memory, a head full of red hair and an Irish accent.]
  5. Afterwards we enjoyed the traditional meal of shrimp po’ boys and gumbo. [Ha.] What can we say? We’re loving this little Cajun place not far from our offices and wanted to share it with them.
  6. It was Spring Break for youngest and when he’s home we can almost always plan on having a house full of boys [young men.] I’ve said it before – we’re [very] happy to be the go-to house, still.
  7. He set aside time to be with his brother a few evenings, and of course we had some family time – just us. As much as I love that time, I find great joy in knowing they like to hang out together too.
  8. Loving all the mixed media stuff I’ve been playing with lately [haven’t done a scrapbook page in WEEKS!] It reminded me of my old purse that was so popular a few [?] years back – lots of compliments on it this week too.
  9. Still, I’m planning to scrapbook – and printed over a hundred photos [January – March] at Walgreens yesterday [- there’s a 10c coupon this week!]
  10. And I pulled out the sewing machine – I found a skirt I LOVE at a thrift shop and it’s about four sizes too big [not exaggerating – it could be a dress!] so I cut it down and will use the leftovers for [you guessed it] mixed media projects.


craftymom205 said...

Love your Ten on Tuesday.

Viji Siddharth said...

Kwow love your purse.looks chic!!spending quality time together is so Important. Glad you did!! I have a huge backlog of photos I.need to scrap!! Any ideas how to make it fast.?

Amanda Trought said...

Judy, your list is great..the phones are quite good nowadays and produce some good quality images, I have taken the majority of photos on my blog with my phone. On a crafting note, I am going to be visiting Huntsville for a week in summer, where do you recommend to buy crafts/supplies?

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I love it that I was here and back to get to read your Ten on Tuesday! I have missed having this quality time with my computer and your blog!

Your hair cutting reminds me of myself! Many haircuts in front of the mirror when I just couldn't take it one minute longer. For the last five years I have been growing my hair for wigs for cancer patients. I am on my second go around. I have about four more inches to go. Then I will have to decide if I want to do it again. It started out to be a one time thing and just sort of happened this time around.

Your boys being such good parents has to bring you much pleasure as a parent. I know my MIL always wished my DH and his brother had more in common and she loved it when they did do things together.

Your phone is taking good pictures. I always forget mine even has a zoom.

Sounds like a fun week! Hope to be around to hear more next Tuesday!

Whispers and Wishes said...

Judy, I love the shopping tote... did you make that? It's gorgeous! i have a weakness for totes (and about a million other things!)