Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Yay! The first sign of spring! And I think all of us are more than ready for it! Bring on the heat and humidity of summer! We’ll never complain about it again! [HA! - Just kidding, but you know that, right?]
  2. Got a little yard / outside work done this week – the fallen patio cover has finally been removed, the rose bush moved, and the neighbor talked with about cutting limbs off OUR dogwood tree [clearly four feet from the property line… go figure.]
  3. I’ve been scanning – scanning – scanning [heritage] photos and trying to determine dates / places [and yes, sometimes people] was taking too much time [effort], so I finally resorted to numbering them and only including info written on the backs [when I could see the back - I didn't dare try to pull them up off those sticky albums that eat the back off...]
  4. Watched three television shows that I’d missed on Hulu one afternoon – pretty neat. [You might remember that the last time I tried Hulu it wouldn’t load quite right and I ended up listening to the audio –only.]
  5. Youngest is back on Facebook! Yippee! I can gather college photos of him once again!
  6. Oldest is playing in an adult soccer league and loving it. Well, ‘loving’ might be a bit to strong – but he is enjoying it.
  7. I worked on THIS this week for the current series over on Faith Based Pages Classes. It’s not too late to join in as we talk about The Beatitudes.
  8. Did I say I was ready for summer? Well first we have to get through Spring in the South – already had one night filled with tornado sirens blasting us out of bed…Still, there’s nothing that can compare to the beauty of Spring in the South when all of the flowers and blossoming trees are filled with color!
  9. Relaxed one sunny afternoon in a favorite chair on our [fire pit] deck while reading another book on my kindle and drinking a yoohoo…
  10. And lastly – while eating breakfast at Jack’s in Sheffield Saturday morning we saw Mac McAnally go through the drive through for his biscuit.


Viji Siddharth said...

WOW! I assume that is a canvas! It Is gorgeous!! I love it! Scanning old photos is so important..i need to do that soon..you have a good week...

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Sounds like a good week for you. Pretty your flowers are a better sign that spring is on the way than the snow in our yard!s

scrapwordsmom said...

Just wanted to thank you for getting our Blog Hop together. I am visiting everyone today just to say hi and become a Follower. I don't want to lose track of my Brave Girl Sisters!!

That Peace art is amazing!!!

Gloria L. said...

Welcome back! Did you watch the video in the link I sent to you?