Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I’ve been out of town six days this week – for both work and pleasure – and let me just say, I’m a little tired of hotel rooms
  2. Snow Report in the South – OMGoodness – this flakey stuff is still falling every week, y’all. It’s a different experience to be stuck out of town because of the snow – and while it was inconvenient, it was still better than being in a hotel room with tornadoes bouncing around all night long – and I’ve dealt with that more than I’ve wanted.
  3. But we’ve been predicted to have FIFTEEN DAYS without freezing temps – yay! And the daffodils are popping up – could it be that Spring is just around the corner?
  4. Craig’s had a couple of opportunities to hang with the guys this week and do a little rabbit hunting – it’s a good respite from all that’s weighing on his mind right now.
  5. And I went to a crop at Guntersville [State Park] Lodge – it is such a beautiful place – and it was so nice to crop with a fun friend and meet some new gals who love our hobby too!
  6. Crop = gathering of people to work on their scrapbook pages, ooh and ahh over others’ layouts, learn about new product & technique, and buy fun things. I actually took a bin load of albums and sorted and placed pages [layouts] from the past year in those the first day - THEN I cropped.
  7. And I think I had 28 pages completed at the end of the weekend– and I’ll admit that some of those were pre-made layouts that I purchased and embellished myself. [Photos will be in the 2011 Slideshow to the right.]
  8. Missing my boys- things have been extra busy in our lives lately and we’ve only had snippets of conversations & text messages. I’m in need of some really good conversation with my guys.
  9. Still loving the kindle on my phone – so very handy to have a book available when you’re stuck on the interstate for one and half hours due to a wreck…and hey, who am I kidding? Being able to check in on Facebook from anywhere is mighty nice too.
  10. Lastly, Craig’s dad has developed some complications this week – a blood clot, pneumonia, etc. It’s hard on all of us [especially his mother] and your prayers are cherished.


Viji Siddharth said...

Enjoy the good weather for 2 weeks! And I hope craig's dad gets better, I will add him to my prayers.
So nice you could crop with a friend. Thats always fun.

LindainNCtoo said...

Your husband's dad's in my prayers.....

We are enjoying temps from the highs 50's to the low 70's this past week. Weird weather while you are having snow and we are only a few states away in NC.

Gloria L. said...

A week in the life.... this year is just flying by! I do hope that with Spring comes better days!