Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I visited my ‘torture’ doctor this week – the one who freezes off the pre-cancerous spots in an effort to combat the many sunburns of my youth.
  2. We enjoyed dinner with oldest – Mexican on Wednesday is a family tradition.
  3. This week’s *Good*Bad*Horrible* news: The washer is running [yay!], three outlets needed replacing [cha-ching!], and unbeknownst to us, the freezer had not had power for quite sometime [we know it did New Year’s Eve, but can’t remember opening it since then.] A total loss of everything in there = Not. Fun.
  4. I hate it when I’m misunderstood because I would never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Anyone who knows me well could attest to this. But apparently I did just that a weeks back with an on-line acquaintance. I can only apologize again and hope they accept it. Now that’s all I’ll say about that.
  5. One day this week I found myself in a room full of southern lawyers with accents as thick as sorghum molasses. [I really think they must practice it!] And I get to join them all again for a week of observing testimony [for work.] Whee.
  6. I’m still loving the kindle on my phone – it’s good [so convenient!] and bad [I tend to not do much else if I have my nose in a book-]
  7. Proud of youngest – he’s been notified that he was chosen to live at the Baptist Campus Ministries building as one of the hosts during the upcoming school year.
  8. [Another] crazy thing I’ll do for scrapbooking – I sat in the park below my office during lunch one day just so I could participate in an on-line chat [there’s wireless there and chatting / live streaming non-business is a ‘no-no’ on my work computer.] So glad it’s held during lunch- it was fun to ‘meet’ everyone! Due to a busy schedule, I may or may not be able to join in again this week.
  9. Was outside early one morning [right at daylight] and saw Pauly [long-haired gorgeous cat] come running up from the road – very unusual since he usually sticks pretty close to home – then I saw Michael J [or one of his relatives] running down the road [haven’t seen him around for while] – I sure don’t want Pauly to tangle with the foxes around our place. [Photo of other cat with Michael J last year…]
  10. And lastly - Craig’s dad is back in the hospital – the doctors are taking good care of him and watching things carefully - please keep him your prayers THIS MORNING. - We appreciate it so much
[Photos may be added later ----]


Viji Siddharth said...

I love mexican! it is so much like indian food minus the cheese:)well we have other forms of cheese!
I hope you have a good week! I am thinking I should also doing ten on tuesdays! it makes life so much more interesting!

scrapwordsmom said...

Hi, Judy! Stopping by from the Brave Girl's Hop. I know it's not for awhile yet but I wanted to see your blog. Isn't SR wonderful?

I love Mexican so much. We have the BEST restaurant here in our small town.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Gloria L. said...

So, life goes on. This was an interesting week, for sure!