Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. LOVED watching The Pioneer Woman THROW DOWN Bobby Flay’s Thanksgiving Meal last Wednesday. So fun! [I think it’s being re-played through-out the month if you missed it – on the Food Network / Channel] But it was tough on me not being able to go up to Magianno’s to celebrate Manny’s birthday with the whole Modern Family. [I had a coupon and everything!] – I’m kidding, I’m KIDDING. I’d much rather watch the show with my little DVR so I can rewind and laugh over and over again. It just brings a little joy to my life.
  2. Fall Color Update and a couple of doctor appointments this week – one routine and the other to get a tetanus shot due to stepping on some metal. [It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had one – yikes.] My arm was sore for days. The colors are gorgeous outside my office window [and yes it could use a little cleaning – but hey, I’m 11 floors up so I don’t see it happening anytime soon.]
  3. Oldest moved more stuff to his own place this week. It still feels weird, but right, at the same time. And it’s nice to have another clean area in the house.
  4. Just in time for youngest to have an overnight guest [since he needed a ride home from school after turning in the rental car.]
  5. We had to boot ‘em out the next day bright and early since we were on a mission to pick up another car [for him] from far – far away. But, alas, that didn’t happen – and here he is thinking I drove FIVE HOURS to get a car and all I got was this stinkin’ little ice-cream. Ha.
  6. So many people with burdens they’re sharing with me this week. Lots of unknowns in this world we live in…and while God doesn’t always choose to make it ‘right’ – He does want to help us carry our burdens if we let Him. My heart is heavy. But I was given a little gift this weekend, and I choose to celebrate the small things.
  7. Enjoyed a nice little ‘surprise’ birthday dinner with fishing buddies [and wives] for hubby’s 50th. [I had a coupon for that one too even though someone else picked up the tab – that was sweet – thanks!] Happy [early] Birthday Sweetie!
  8. And we enjoyed our traditional post-Botanical-Gardens-Lights-walk-through-meal with 3 other families at Pizza Hut – Have we really been doing this for TEN YEARS now?! Wow.
  9. We also had an early Thanksgiving celebration with my side of the family on Sunday – I love Thanksgiving so much – just a time to simply “be” with family and friends. And we sure missed those who were unable to be with us – but understand those fiber one bars are delish. [Private joke – let your mind wander a bit….] But really, we wish they could’ve had someone cover their Sunday duties so they could be with us.
  10. And finally, after numerous reprimands to others from the “holiday police” - reindeer were spotted on Horseshoe Trail earlier in the week [local street known for their over-the-top Christmas decorations;] – So: I declare! Let the holidays begin! [Fasten your seat belts and I’ll take you along on the crazy BUT FUN things we have planned for the next few weeks!]

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Oh, Judy, you are always such a delight!

Poor Youngest as he looks dejected and not as happy to have an ice cream cone as he could look :-( Maybe the next car trip will work out.

Glad you had an extra day to celebrate with family. You can never do that too much!

Wow! Eleventh floor...the tallest building in our town is the hospital with four floors. I once had a third story office, and that was big, because the hosptial was also still only three floors. With my next job, it was a second floor and the view out my window was of other rooftops - nothing as beautiful as your window view unless I went into our conference room.

As always, thank you for your inspiration with your Ten on Tuesday!