Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. First of all – a health update: I believe in physical therapy! WOW! What a difference in the use of my arm. There’s still some discomfort, but no surgery is scheduled as long as I can deal with it by doing these exercises…and the mri on my leg only shows some muscle damage [no tumor, and yes, the doc had mentioned that possibility to me] so again, as long as I can handle that discomfort I’m good to go. Seems I may have torn my meniscus a couple of years ago.
  2. Fall Color Report: it’s gaw-jus in The South y’all! And I’m delighted because I was concerned that the oppressive summer heat may have dried things up to the point of no color –like it did our dogwood trees…
  3. We sent the box of “fall” to our Auburn boys [the candy corn goodies on yesterday’s post.] Just a little treat for them to get in the mail.
  4. Went to a continuing ed class this week that was TOTALLY off-the-wall. Some said, “What a waste of two hours from my day,” – but I say – TWO FREE CEUs – I’ll take it!
  5. I returned to my office after PT one day to find these; some beautiful roses – “just because” [because I have such a sweet husband who wanted to give me a little ‘pick-me-up.”]
  6. Chocolate Pie Day was Saturday [my father’s birthday] the only sweet thing he ever ate was chocolate pie and then only a couple of times a year. [How I wish I could be like that!] This year I didn’t have time to make a pie so I mixed a little cup of instant pudding with cool whip and graham cracker crumbs and remembered the good times.
  7. Cleaned out my garden a bit Sunday afternoon - kept the peppers because they’re still growing like craz-ee, but the tomatoes, and dried up cucumber and cantaloupe vines had to go. The marigolds are blooming outrageously too.
  8. But it’s mostly been a regular week, we had dinner with friends [so good to catch up!], Craig went fishing a couple of times, we enjoyed worship [pray for our pastor and his vocal chords – he has another appointment at Vandy today,] watched some football, and I scrapbooked this sweet photo of my cousin’s grand-daughter – it’ll go in my Heritage album of extended family. Jessica – her mom- takes such great photos!
  9. And finally, we’re making lists [and stacks] of stuff that will move to Drew’s new [to him] house [he’s set to close on Friday.]
  10. I’ll admit, there’s mixed feelings around here – on the one hand we’re thrilled for him to be self-sufficient and moving into his own place, on the other hand it’s sobering to think that he’ll never live at home again [as he so subtly reminded me this week. Thanks, sweetie.]


Kelly Massman said...

The roses are beautiful! Best of luck with your surgery!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I am so glad the PT is helping! So sweet of your husband to send you the beautiful roses! Thank you for sharing the fall colors. We don't tend to get a lot of color here. There are a few varieties of trees that are pretty, but for the most part, the leaves just dry up and fall off.

Have a good week - see you next Tuesday!