Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We went out on the boat for a bit this week – just cruising around to see if the leaves are turning. Saw a falcon, an osprey, and a few vultures [seriously] but no eagles [yet.]
  2. I’m trying to add dairy into my daily diet – and it’s not fun. But I know I need it.
  3. Craig enjoyed fishing with his dad on a gorgeous fall day.
  4. And I cropped with friends – worked on a few little mini albums that needed updating: Halloween, Disney through the years, and a Halloween Carol book.
  5. I decorated for fall – my favorite time of year!
  6. And I’ve finally gone to the doctor with this leg issue I’ve had since I twisted it back in 2008 [and shoulder pain I’ve had a for a couple of months now…] Headed for an MRI and some therapy –
  7. I’m enjoying some early morning time sitting on the glider [bench] with my tea – but at 39* yesterday I’ll be warming that tea in the microwave soon!
  8. We hope to soon begin the first steps of the bathroom re-do [getting all the stuff OUT.] Next will be the demo – and I’m thinking that will be fun!
  9. Garden update: the tomatoes are getting a second breath and the peppers have started producing like crazy and both my brown cotton and green cotton produced! But the green tint is so light it’s hard to see the color. LOVE THE BROWN.
  10. And we’re still loving our little kitty who makes the cutest growly-purring sound. He’s a hoot to watch as he plays in the yard. And ‘our’ other cats seem to have accepted him well [our black cat brings him chipmunks, the orange tomcat we feed has been seen playing with him [we’re pretty sure he lives up the hill], and even DaddyCat [wild, no one can touch him] has taken time to play with him.]

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...


I might be late, but I never miss your "Ten on Tuesday." You do the most interesting things. I am sure I don't know anyone else who grows cotton! Thank you for always finding fun things to share!