Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. On the ‘First Day of Fall’ it was 100* here. But things changed a bit over the weekend and I woke up to this yesterday morning [view from our driveway & across the street.] Hope the cooler temps stay with us!
  2. Yay for new television shows! As the kids have gotten older and we no longer have related activities I’ve become hooked on TV [again-?] – we so enjoy: House, Modern Family, Amazing Race, and after watching Grey’s Anatomy’s finale last season we tuned in to see how they were coping this week too! Oh, & I still love Chopped, Bones, and Desperate Housewives – but don’t seek them out like I do the first three. And I’m watching Oprah’s last season and crying like a baby – but will admit that when I watch it ‘live’ I’m switching back and forth between her and Ellen.
  3. We love t-vo – it gives us 20 minutes per one hour show. Seriously – a friend and I were talking about how we start watching House at 20 after and still end at 8:00. TWENTY MINUTES of commercials – cRaZy.
  4. I’ve been wanting a stainless steel topped island since we moved into the house [I used a stand-alone kitchen cabinet from our previous house – used for a bookshelf base there - for the island.] So I’m thrilled to have this little beauty. Craig’s wooden cutting board from Ikea is on one end and I love how it looks. [The drawer pulls even match the ones we put on our cabinets in the great kitchen re-do.]
  5. New Bible Study this week – we’re expanding our group to attend a church-wide study– and let’s just say the Lord is putting me in places I’d choose not to go. It’s very different from what we’ve been doing – and I miss our intimate little group…but I’m trying to be open to His leading.
  6. Please continue to lift Matt’s friend [early twenties] up in pray as he said a final goodbye to his mother that he hardly, [if ever] lived with while growing up. Soooo many feelings going on with this situation, I’m sure.
  7. Look what I made on Saturday while *watching* the Alabama game with Craig – this was made with the ‘Knifty Knitter’ – Now I know how to knit, but this little gadget is so fun and easy – There’s no counting! It creates perfectly gauged stitches! And things come out perfectly aligned!
  8. I’ve given up on the garden and am ready to pull it all up – the heat really tortured it this summer – even with regular waterings. But you know what? I just don’t think you can kill a fig tree. I’m just sayin’.
  9. Little things make me happy – I love having a red light on my phone to show an awaiting message [at work] – and a speaker phone too – oh my!
  10. And lastly – Drew’s been house-hunting and may have found one he’s particularly interested in. Random fact: the man who built it worked on the Gemini Missions and was a magician. [This has nothing to do with his wanting the house of course, nor does the bright olive carpet or turquoise kitchen countertops – gotta love the 60s!] We’ll see if he goes for it - [Payment should be = or less than rent.]


Kelly Massman said...

I follow so many blogs that sometimes I am guilty of skimming. You've probably mentioned my 2nd comment. I wanted to let you know that i love the photo on top and that I was touched by your comment about Matt's friend. I'll pray for that situation. It doesn't sound good... TFS!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Your "Ten on Tuesday" never disappoints me! I love reading it every week! So many interesting little things add up to really feeling like I know you.

Good luck with your new Bible study group. I hope things improve and you figure out "why" He put you there.

LindainNCtoo said...

I really like this week's Ten on Tuesday, Judy.

LOVE that hat!!!! I might look into that gadget. I have the worst time counting stitches, dropped stitches or keep adding stitches when I switch needles.

Glad to see you at Scrappin Sisters.

Anonymous said...

Judy, great ten!! Your hat is really adorable.