Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We had a birthday boy this week! Wow! When did my babies become adults? It’s such a joy to watch him grow! And it was eye-opening to hear someone say ‘Mr. Hardwick’ and not be referring to Craig during this recent appendix episode.
  2. Celebrated with sushi! Yum! And I branched out from my ‘regular’ California Rolls and tried a couple of new things. Some good, some not so…
  3. This week I also had two full days of training – attending, not teaching, and honestly [since it was a review for me] – I’d rather be teaching than attending – it just makes the day go quicker. [And we had great trainers btw – friends of mine-]
  4. The Fiskateer Blog Hop was a lot of fun – both to participate in and to hop along – there’s lots of talented people out there with some great ideas!
  5. We enjoyed walking the trail up on Green Mountain this weekend – it sure feels like ‘fall’ right now! Let’s delight in every moment of it! And the cooler weather has renewed the life in our hibiscus too.
  6. I’m all about keepin’ it real - so I’m just going to say it – I was the devil woman for a couple of days this week. [Some of you know who I’m referring to – ha] But seriously! I could feel it happening and knew it was PMS and even though I tried to keep it under control, things spewed from my mouth like a crazy-person. [I’ve already asked for forgiveness.] Any of you been there? Be honest – I know some of you have!
  7. I don’t see how chronic sufferers [or their loved ones] survive to middle age – mine has just started these last few years. And it’s BIZARRE. Thank goodness this craziness is not happening every month for me – I wonder if my absolutely atrocious eating [as in delicious – but oh-so-unhealthy] this week could have spurred it on?
  8. It seems the fox in our yard is gone – there’s spider webs over the hole – and someone heard from someone else [dontcha love it?] that there was a fox picked up in our area with distemper – bad for the fox [and fox families] - yippee for us!
  9. But we did see this a couple of houses down – and saw him actually fly off with the squirrel in his talons – so there’s still danger for our little kitty who needs to learn to stay ‘under cover’ a while longer.
  10. And finally - we saw our first hummingbird this week. We don’t put feeders out or try to lure them in – but each September we do see them around our butterfly bush outside the kitchen window – and, life goes on…


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Yes, I have been that woman and I still am sometimes, even though since I have had "female surgery". There are times I feel like I am just not me and I say things I know I don't want to be saying and out it comes. Not that I wish that for anyone one else, but it is good to know that I am not the only one who feels that way.

You are not the fist I have heard say it feels like fall. We had a taste of it, but it is plenty warm now!

Thanks for sharing so many interesting topics.

LindainNCtoo said...

I like that sushi shot, Judy. :)