Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Wow! I won the Amazing Scrap Race over on the Life Preserver’s Kit Club site. – With my busy schedule, my only goal was to complete the layout / photo challenge each week for the eight week ‘race.’ – eight weeks of ridiculous travel and summer fun, I might add. Being committed to something week after week is very difficult for me and I never expected to win. The prize I received was incredibly generous & I’m using it to get the alternate kit for the next few months. How fun is that?
  2. I love scrapbook kits! I’m just so not a shopper and I love that someone else shops and coordinates it all before sending it to me each month. And I visited BOTH Michael's and Joann’s this week and couldn’t find anything I just had to have… because I get such wonderful stuff right in my mail box each month!
  3. I had to work out / town on my birthday so it was so sweet of Craig to gather some friends for an impromptu dinner celebration before I left.
  4. While I was gone I read contract proposals in very uncomfortable chairs for three days in Montgomery [wheee!] & I have a bruise on the back of my calf from the chair [seriously! – I’m not used to sitting without a break All. Day. Long.]
  5. It’s harvest time! We pulled out the dehydrator and made “sun” dried tomatoes [yum-eee] and I also harvested a ton of basil and made a couple of batches of pesto – all in the freezer waiting to be used. [Except for the one little bag of tomatoes that Drew and I are munching on – and the bag of pesto in the fridge waiting for pasta tonight.]
  6. Last year we bought a jar of FROG jam in South Carolina and I’ve loved it ever since. Craig ordered some on-line and we’ve devoured it – so I’ve decided we must make our own! He bought some figs from a lady with a sign outside her house [‘Figs for sale’ – ha.] And I’ve made a couple of batches already. Can you guess what the other ingredients might be?
  7. Now we have a goal of propagating a fig ‘tree’ of our own. Wonder how long it would take to for it to produce figs?
  8. Played with some photos this week and love [love] how well the clouds / beach photo turned out in the post below. Isn’t God’s creation awesome?!?
  9. I’ve not mentioned it here, but my favorite cat [Cream – the yellow tabby seen in lots of photos in the past] disappeared [more than] a few months back – so I’ve been wanting a new kitten all summer. I was thrilled when a new friend [Mom to one of Matt’s good friends from Auburn] had some to adopt. She shared photos and Matt stopped by to pick up this little lump of sugar on his way back from AU Sunday night.
  10. I could tell from the photos that at least one of the siblings had cRaZy feet [my term, of course – otherwise known as polydactyl – Hemingway cats] but hadn’t looked closely enough to see that she had them too. Seriously – looks like a baseball mitt. But I think she’s adorable! Any suggestions for a name?


craftymom205 said...

Wish I lived close enough to get some of your tomatoes. Ours are all gone. I just love fresh tomatoes. Have a good week.

Dayna said...

Happy Birthday!! And congrats on the Big Win!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday. My Grandmother had a fig tree. She made fig preserves every year - sigh... She made the best biscuits. Top them with some homemade butter from my Uncle Wesleys cow and thos fig preserves - a plateful of Heaven. I used to love to play under the little fig tree. It stood beside a towering Pecan tree. The old mama cat had a litter of kittens every summer. I would find them and she would move them again. Life was so simple for me back then - thanks for taking me back. I would name that sweet little thing "Mitzy".

LindainNCtoo said...

I have to say that I have never had fig jam or preserves, Judy. They sound yummy.

I know what you mean about Michaels/JoAnns ( even Archivers ). I go in there thinking that I will find something....go out empty handed ( unless I need an album ). The monthly kits or coordinated kits are the way to go for sure.

Happy belated Birthday, Judy!!!