Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I’ve been obsessing over having the apartment at Auburn cleaned out on time [and to my specifications – hey, I want our deposit back!] so we decided to make a quick trip down [after I spoke at a conference in Birmingham on Thursday] to assure it was DONE.
  2. We ‘kidnapped’ the boys and ‘made’ them join us [actually, Drew has been wanting to drive his jeep down, and Matt knew it had to be done.]
  3. And, Matt has learned that one can accumulate A LOT of STUFF in just a couple of years. We’re thankful it was a furnished apartment so we did not have to deal with beds & sofas up / down three flights of stairs.
  4. But still, there was A LOT – and we’re also thankful that John Robert graciously offered his place for storage for a couple of weeks and that Kent was available to help load and move everything.
  5. As a reward we made a quick decision to head on down to Panama City Beach for a couple of nights – beautiful water [NO OIL] and so much fun to just *BE* with our boys. We haven’t been to PCB in many years…
  6. Stayed at a fun family place and enjoyed the little [yes] lazy river, on-site facilities, and movie night on the beach.
  7. It was interesting [and kind of sad] to see how much PCB has changed over the years [bigger buildings, less beach, and a multitude of bars. And karaoke – ha.]
  8. Drew rented a cat and he and Craig had great time sailing away the morning…
  9. We ate seafood a couple of different times [and will admit that Montego Bay was good, but decided that nothing can compare to Tacky Jack’s in our minds.]
  10. And decided that, while it’s fun to see new beaches, we’ll always like Gulf Shores best.


Adriann said...

Looks like a good family time! It's good to know that we still have some available beach. Our favorite beach Orange Beach isn't faring to well. I pray that the beaches arent' destroyed by the time my children are adults. It's so sad.


craftymom205 said...

Glad to see you and your family had good family time at the beach. Way to help out the economy there.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Good for you for taking the last minute trip with your boys! Beautiful pictures of the water and your boys sailing away the morning!