Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I took my 10,000th photo [since buying my camera in December 2007] this week! [Well, really, last week – but I forgot to post it] So 10,000 photos in two and a half years is not too bad, is it? WOW! Think of the film and processing $$$ I’ve saved!
  2. Enjoyed some wonderful [fresh!] bruschetta this week with roma tomatoes and basil from our garden. I love summer gardens!
  3. I’ll admit to you that I submitted a ton of layouts to a magazine again this week. Time will tell how that effort pays off. Maybe it’ll be a nice surprise.
  4. I’m contemplating moving some plants around in the yard – some have gotten too big for their britches and I’m tired of trimming them back all the time and others need a little more sun or shade… and of course I have plans to add more.
  5. Enjoyed going with Craig to hear a group of song-writers do a concert in the park one evening. It’s always fun to hear the writers do their own songs – more so when we recognize them from the radioThis park is in the middle of ‘downtown’ Madison and the trains zoom by close enough to touch [almost!]
  6. I’ve worked like a crazy woman this week – getting caught up from being out of the office for a week and preparing for a large county review next week – I was determined to be finished before the weekend.
  7. Loving having both boys home for a while – I know it won’t last forever, and again, can I just say? I love [LOVE] seeing them have fun together.
  8. I’m also [really] enjoying the patio cover we got for mother’s / father’s day. We had to take down the other one when we got the new roof back in March and as much as I loved being able to see the trees through it’s clear top I have to admit that this one is so much more shadier and pleasant to sit under.
  9. Craig and I enjoyed walking down to the Keller Festival and shopping around downtown Tuscumbia this weekend. It was nice to see the streets bustling with activity. [Picked up some goodies: a hand crafted salt cellar with scripture on it and a few things for MK too [ducks of course,] and dinner from Frank’s – we’ve wanted to give it a try for a while now.]
  10. We had so much fun keeping MK this weekend – she’s a sweetie that’s for sure! [And having time with Mama was fun too – ha! – She used to always tag-us-on after the grandkids [‘good to see you too’] when the boys were little -]


Wanita said...

It's amazing that you have taken that many photos in 2 years! I wonder how many I've taken...lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow - #1,3,5,7,8 and 10 are all right on target for me! Love your blog! Donna#6036