Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. ahhh – Mobile – I just looooove driving through those tree lined streets with moss dripping over the yards in the soupy humid heat. Seriously – I. Love. Mobile. But not enough to move back…I don't think...
  2. Had El Chico the first night down – oh how I craved their food 23 years ago when I was pregnant with our first child, so it’s always fun to visit and see that it hasn’t changed much in all these years.
  3. And I visited a new scrapbook store – cute with lots of space for cropping and classes.
  4. Also visited Dauphin Isle late one afternoon – and while I didn’t SEE any oil – I did smell the machine-like-exhaust smell when I first got on the island. But the beaches [and wildlife] are as beautiful as ever. For now.
  5. Kudos to Craig for finagling my hotel room for the week [three reservations were needed to get me the whole week – crazy because of all the people coming in due to the oil crisis – lots of Coast Guard personnel at my hotel.] Silly me, I thought I could walk right in and get the coupon rate as I’ve always done before –
  6. Long days of training policy and being ‘on’ left me pretty tired [and maybe a little grouchy – ha] during the evenings.
  7. I stayed over to go to Gigi’s on Saturday for some scrappy fun [and was NOT disappointed – see tomorrow’s post.] A great way to relax after a long week.
  8. And of course, while there I had to spend a little time with my Lord while sitting out on The Gulf beaches that I love so much. Gulf Shores was beautiful – no oil on the day I was there. [And really – it’s not going to get up on that gorgeous white sand unless a hurricane blows through.] Officials are doing a great job monitoring the water for safety so go on down and enjoy The Gulf.
  9. Father’s Day was laid back for us and we just enjoyed being together – eating at Surin, watching the boys fly [rc] planes, and working in the yard. [It was only the day dry enough to get it done. – Lots of rain while I was gone. ] The boys gave Craig another year’s subscription to The Advertiser Gleam – one on the BEST small-town newspapers around!
  10. And last night I had a great evening at dinner & church with friends as we listened to Mandissa tell her story of God’s love.


craftymom205 said...

Great Ten on Tuesday as usual. Great pics of the beach. Would love to be there right now.

Scrapin Kat said...

Great ten! I can't wait to here about Gigi's... I wished everyone could read about your beach trip... so sad that people are afraid to go... they need help more now than before.