Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. My week started with a visit to my skin doctor, God love her, I think she takes some sort of pleasure in the pain caused by freezing off these pre-cancerous skin spots I have. I’m teasing of course, because she’s really very sweet about it all. Still it does hurt like heck for a couple of hours afterwards. And I've NEVER looked forward to going to see her -
  2. Harvested my first tomatoes this week! Three DEElicious cherry tomatoes!
  3. Had lunch with friends at one of my favorite spots – the BEST chicken salad in town. And of course catching up with friends is always fun too.
  4. We’re settling into a routine here at home with everyone off to work in the mornings, albeit different times. It’s good to know “we’re” out and about – and earning “our” own spending money – ha.
  5. One long work day with lots of travel [3 hours each way] to a part of the state I’ve never laid eyes on wiped me OUT. But what to do? There’s no motel there to spend the night [or one I would stay in anyway…] so being on the road at 5:45 a.m. was my solution since I didn’t want to make the drive twice to see two counties. Any guesses?
  6. Lots of rain this week so I’ve not had to water the garden much. Always good because, again, I believe plants respond better to natural rain somehow…but I have declared war on those giant black ants that are all over the sunflowers and also on whatever is eating the squash. Seven-dust is my poison of choice -
  7. We all lead such busy, ‘on-the-go’ lives that it’s very nice to gather for our traditional Mexican meal on Wednesday evenings – we must have started doing this ten years ago when the boys’ schedules were crazy with sports and school activities. And we're a cRaZy bunch -
  8. Remember the umbrella fix? Well, umm - not so good, it seems it's hollow inside and even after STUFFING it with chopsticks we just happend to have laying around [yes, we did] and wrapping with a ton of tape it was still a little wobbly - but I was determined to use it. It'd been hanging on the back of the chair ready for use for days - One recent rainy day I forgot it [covered parking and all, ya know] but Craig was so sweet to surprise me by dropping it off in my car before I went to lunch. I called him from the car to tell him thanks and how sweet it was of him to do this and as I picked it up I realized it was a NEW one that he'd purchased off e-bay [they sold out quickly at Target, as I knew they would.] Isn't that just the sweetest thing? The thing is, both the boys and he have been waiting for me to discover it so they all had a good laugh - still, he's teaching them to cherish their sweeties and go the extra mile to show you care.
  9. Bought a new canvas purse [$10 at Wal-Mart] that I did a little painting on a-la-Donna Downey and plan to for use for the summer. So fun!
  10. Awesome worship with Anthony Evans at church on Sunday. Gooogle him if you need to – but if you’ve ever done a Bible Study by Priscilla Shirir you probably know who he is.] And we went back Sunday evening to hear him again - something we never do -- our Sunday nights are a repeat of the three services in the morning - and ya know God was leading because we met a couple of young men there who were very recognizable as being from anther religion. Gave them my email and said I'd be happy to answer any questions they might have. Say a little prayer for them, won't you?


craftymom205 said...

Love the purse. Wish we could get some rain. Our garden really needs it. I have gotten enough cherry tomatoes for two salads. Have already had some fresh green beans. Have a great week.

Deborah said...

What a cute bag!

robin said...

I love the purse. It's just great colors for the spring and summer. Enjoy your new purse.