Friday, June 25, 2010

IMO & Comments on Comments

In My Opinion Anyone who knows me [at ALL] knows that I have an opinion about everything and a part of me really does feel like everyone’s entitled to hear my opinion – lol. But! I also truly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I rarely feel the need to persuade others to share mine. Live and let live – that's my motto. With that said, I’ve decided to share some of my ‘thoughts’ every now and then on news stories [or other things that come to mind - lol] that have caught my eye [Keep in mind that I’m a ‘skimmer’ – I don’t dig deep. And much of the news I receive is filtered through: 1) Gayle King, 2) Rick and Bubba, or 3) my sweet husband.]

- Joran Van derSloot – back in the news for the horrible death of a young lady in Peru. My gut really wants him to pay –PAY –PAY for the tragic things he’s been involved in. I watched the Natalie Holloway story unfold bit by bit partially because she didn’t live too far away from us and I have a cousin whose kids went to the same high school, and partially because she graduated high school the same year as our oldest. Joran’s actions are despicable. He seems to be an incredibly selfish person who believes the world revolves around him. But there’s also a [small] part of me that sees a young man who was brought up with no boundaries and one who has never seen or felt the love of our Lord. I really do believe he should reap the consequences of his actions, no doubt about that in my opinion – but I also say a little prayer for him – that someone will share our Jesus [who can forgive ANYTHING] with him.

- Gulf Coast Oil Crisis – oh how this upsets me so [see my Ten on Tuesday the week it first started leaking -] I was working down near The Gulf during President’s Obama’s recent visit and I have to agree with a statement that so many hated to hear him say – our beaches really should be the least of our concern – the beaches will recover [and really haven’t lost their sugar-white goodness even now.] But the eco-system? The shrimp and oysters and fish we love to eat? The thousands of minimally paid jobs that depend on this industry? Who really knows when that will recover – if ever. I was told thirteen seafood companies had closed in Mobile County this month. It’s unthinkable – and while IMO someone should have been enforcing the rules a little better - BP is totally at fault for not following the rules that were in place. I also believe they're doing the best they can in fixing it - but it's so big and so deep that no one's ever had to deal with something like this - and it's just so heartbreaking to think about...

- Benefit Yard Sale for a a dog's surgery – So don't hate me on this one, but I just wanna say, oh my heck! What are they thinking?!?

IMO - if someone wants to spend a small fortune on their pet and they have the money to do it, then by all means, go for it. But don't go asking the public to support this for a THREE MONTH OLD PUPPY. How many dachshunds can you buy for $2500 anyway? IMO we should have a distinct difference between the value we put on the lives of animals and people [God does] and I can say - without a doubt - that we would never put this kind of money into a pet - no matter how attached we'd grown to them in the three months of their lives with us. And side note: I'm pretty sure raffles are illegal in our state.

Comments on Comments – I also want to take a moment to say that I’m stunned to actually have people follow the ramblings of my blog. I’ve said before that I’m humbled and a little scared to have this happen – what if I offend someone or write something totally crazy and suddenly no one likes me anymore? [Like the dog comments, above? Yikes!] Seriously - thank you - to each of you who drop by occasionally to see what I have I to offer up to the great blogosphere – it’s fun sharing things with you – and I LOVE THE COMMENTS – I just haven’t figured out a quick and efficient way to respond. Sometimes I look for an email address – sometimes I comment on your blogs [and I’m loving your blogs as well!], and sometimes I comment on your comments in my comments - do you ever check back? But most of the time I just can’t find a way to connect other than right here.

So here we go with Comments on Comments:

Thanks for comments on the rose photo last month – This rose is special because it’s a cutting from one of my mom’s. Years before we ever thought of moving to Tuscumbia we’d drive by this house with it’s fence full of roses on the way to see our mom play softball – it was always a treat to see - so when we actually moved into the house we loved the roses even more. I was determined to have a cutting and have had one at two different houses of my own. Love it -

Those beautiful peonies are another pass-on plant – these came from my sister’s [first-?] house. They’ve been transplanted from our previous house to this one and then again here to find just the right spot [we tend to have lots of shade on our little corner of the world…] I’ve loved hearing what you all have [or not] in your gardens!] So many of you are waay ahead of me – but I did pick my first plum [roma] tomato this week and enjoyed every scrumptious bite with a little fresh basil and olive oil

The Piggy Tales layout was so fun to do – we’re loving having a little girl in our family after many, many years [I’m the last girl before MK…so it's been MANY years - lol] I really wish I could get together to scrap with more of my blog friends – it’s been so fun getting to know you all. Love hearing how we all have different ‘go-to’ tools and techniques when it comes to our craft. And the little girl with the sunflower is my cousin’s grand-daughter – her mother takes extraordinary photos and I enjoy them so much! [We’re facebook friends.]

I would love to hear about any goodies you find at estate sales -- I just love things that have been loved by families through the years -- Thanks for well-wishes about the IBS – I’ve ‘managed’ it much better this month! It was good to hear that the Peanuts inspiration is touching some of you – we really should all make time to do what we love – set it aside just for you and you’ll be a better person for those around you - I’m enjoying carrying my painted purse this summer – and it was so fun to play with paint as I created it – click over to Donna Downey’s blog for LOTS of inspiration. She’s so wonderfully creative! And you know, we can use our creativity on anything [like my dream rock] we just have to open our eyes to the world God created for us to enjoy!


craftymom205 said...

I love your rants. I agree with you on the yard sale to benefit the dog. We have already gotten sweet corn from our garden and it was sooooooo good. Also have had tomatoes, peas, string beans. Now waiting for the cantaloupes to get ripe. Have a great weekend.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Scrapin Kat said...

LOve your stories. Honest , truthful and forgiving...
The dog.. I maybe guilty of a lil much Vet time I had a dog that caused alot of trouble... I knew it was time to seek help when I had a "preferred Customer rate" after a incident... needless to say he was stolen or ran off last year!

Kinda like the lady in Chicago with the sign "I need money for pop & cigarettes" told my son at least she was honest... may not be what we really need to know but honesty works for me!

Dayna said...

Okay I love this, I love that you say what's on your mind!!! I found myself knodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading this!! TFS!!!