Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Summer is here! I have a tomato!
  2. Drew has joined the ranks of others in our little town who work in jobs where we jokingly hear them say – “If we told you what we did at work we’d have to kill you.” Suffice it to say he’s working in missile defense.
  3. Enjoyed [haHAha] another full week of training policy to new [and not so new] workers. And again, was happy to have a fun and respectful group to be with.
  4. Montgomery is probably one of my least favorite cities and being there for a week is soo not fun.
  5. I almost missed my peonies in bloom! But made it home in time to pick a few of the last buds and bring them inside to enjoy.
  6. I’m feeling very burdened for a family member with a very serious medical situation. There’s nothing I can do but pray – and isn’t that the greatest thing of all? Still, wish I could make it all better -
  7. Every few months I decide to give ‘drugstore’ make-up a go [cover girl, L’Oreal, etc.] but I’m happy to say that I’ve once again returned to my tried and true Este Lauder. Life is good.
  8. I surely don’t think I’m ‘all that’ because I’ve always believed I’m a self-described simple scrap booker, but I won’t deny that I’m just a little disappointed that none of my submissions were selected this quarter- [just a few of the many I submitted] -
  9. Had a wonderfully relaxing weekend with my boys. So fun to linger over breakfast and catch up. So good to have Matt home for the summer!
  10. And, once again, our house is filled with kids [coming in and out] who feel welcomed and ‘at home’ enough to ask what they can eat [or not.] We are blessed.


LindainNCtoo said...

The magazine(s) are missing out on your great talent. At least, I have some of your lo's to keep. Remember the scripture swap that was held on CKMB a few yrs ago? I have one of your layouts from that.

I was "LindainWillowSpring" there.

I really enjoy your 10 on Tuesdays.

Did I miss something about you being out for awhile ( taking care of your dh ) on Faith site?

craftymom205 said...

The peonies are beautiful. I had some white ones. Love 10 Tuesdays.

Martha aka mizmartha said...

Your Piggy Tales LO is so cute.