Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. The pollen [actually, it’s these blooming trees] finally got the best of me and I stayed in bed most of Wednesday. But after a nice rain things were better. [Not great, but better.]
  2. Enjoyed some extended family time this week as one of my favorite aunts celebrated her 80th birthday. I did a scrapbook page about her [and her sister, another favorite aunt] a few years ago titled, “When I Grow Up I want to be Just Like You.” They really are amazing women and I’m blessed to have them in my life.
  3. I was treated to an impromptu air show while traveling this week – I pulled over to the side of the road to take photos. Pretty neat.
  4. We drove by a Nestle Café one day while we were out and about – and of course, I had to stop and check it out – Have you ever seen one before? A little shop full of ice cream and toll-house cookie goodness. Fun AND yummy.
  5. I’m gearing up for some [very] busy travel days ahead as we have three weeks of policy training scheduled – and since I’m the primary trainer for our program with the state there’s LOTS to do in preparation too.
  6. Add in our new computer system to record everything about each training session and it’s a blast [that’s said with a very sarcastic tone-] Wheee.
  7. My ‘boys’ made another raised garden bed for me this weekend. I’m particularly proud of the way we try to re-use / re-purpose old wood or discarded items. Sure it saves money, but it’s less waste too.
  8. And I knew I should not have taken that first SNIP. Now I’ve cut at least two inches off my hair. I’m happy with it, but I know I’ll be trimming a little more here and there…until I can no longer feel in on my neck…
  9. Lots of talk about ‘work clothes’ for our oldest as he prepares to start the new job. Let’s face it, for a guy who has spent the last five [ - nine?] years wearing shorts year ‘round, this will be HUGE transition. But he cleans up well and we know he’ll do fine with it.
  10. And finally, our redbuds are blooming – very LATE this year, and, because it’s so warm [high 80*s,] the blooms aren’t lasting very long…
[All photos edited with picnik - free on-line.]

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patty w said...

A Nestle cafe! Sounds yummy ! I've never seen one.

The pollen here is horrid! We are all suffering madly.