Saturday, March 20, 2010


Another layout published in the soon to be released summer addition of Stamping-Stationery-and Scrapbooking [the Hobby Lobby magazine.]
Fun! This is it [on page 24]: I had a willing subject for my photos and a great celebration for Drew's graduation. So happy we caught up with Aubie out on the front lawn! And, in case you can't read the arch above the doorway to the engineering building, it says, "The best electrical engineers in the world pass under this arch." I thought there might be another one of my layouts in the magazine as well, but it was a two-page layout and they take up so much room, I'm sure it's hard to fit those in.
When I look through [scrapbook] magazines these days it seems that most of the layouts being published are one page and have only one of two photos on them, and I usually tend to put several photos on a page...

Like I've done the last couple of days having a little scrappy fun with my buddies -
and I need to tally up how many pages I completed -
looks like fifteen completed and two almost done -
My neck and back are achy now though... of course that could be because of the way I load myself down like a pack horse with my self-imposed rule of 'one trip in' with my supplies.

On a side note - it's been a beautiful spring day here and I SOOOO want to put out some garden plants, but my friends in Texas tell me the cold weather's coming....
Happy First Day of Spring y'all!

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