Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. What a difference a week can make. – The view from my office walk-way:

  2. I had a moment [[MOMENT]] of missing soccer practice this week – and the excuse to sit outside in this gorgeous weather with a good book for an hour or so –

  3. So instead, I sat outside on the patio with my new little toy while my boys finished up an outside project – soaking up the sun [or vitamin D, as a friend would say -]

  4. Took those daffodils to work and Could. Not. Breathe. After ten minutes of having them in my office. Fun.

  5. Welcome spring. And pollen. And increased allergy meds.

  6. Got a [much-needed] manicure this week – so nice.

  7. Got the winter [yard] clean-up done too – and we enjoyed a little fire pit time afterwards.

  8. CrAzY rainy weather this week – and I’m so thankful for my little carport and covered [garage] parking at work…

  9. Out-of-date graham crackers have an unbelievable stench – and since our pantry has a pretty regular rotation, I’m wondering: did we buy them out/date or have they really been in there THAT long?

  10. And finally – the winter garden is GROWING – all the seeds are up and looking good [fresh spinach is in our near future!], but I still couldn’t resist putting in some additional ‘winter’ bedding plants to boost things up a bit. [And I AM looking for new clothes for the rabbit. His name is Rusty - he's made to be like that.]

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