Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyday Goodness

This month we had a designated ‘work day’ at my Mom’s, as mentioned before, involving tearing down the old metal building. The building housed some treasures to share: a cherry table [that was once Aunt Christine’s] that Kelly hopes to refinish or antique for a sewing table, a pair of bicycles Mama and Joe rode years ago that Trey and Joey planned a competition to see who can re-furbish the best,

and other goodies that, well, none of us wanted, but that others sure picked up off the street before we’d had dinner that day.

While there, we also did a little “look-through” the garage as well with the understanding that Joey gets the bulk of stuff in there since it’s full of tools and memories of him and Joe piddling on projects together through the years. Lorna took Joe’s safari helmet – we all have fond [crazy] memories of his goofiness while wearing it. [We have some photos for proof, if needed – ] We found some [two quart-?] mason jars [perfect and supreme] that we divied up – must have come from one of the houses he tore down when he owned the dump truck. We found one of the old glass insulators that Lorna used to collect – I was so glad there was one still around that she could take home. [Did we have some brown ceramic ones at one time too?]

And I found a couple of treasures for myself

– Joe’s camera that he bought in the early 50s in Japan [the one that took all the slides I’ve been scanning these last months and that I was allowed to use, if I was very – very careful, when I first started feeding my photography obsession.] And this:

The radio that was a fixture on our kitchen table growing up. Mama said Joe gave it to her for Christmas the year before they were married [something I never knew.] I love how it looks on the hoosier cabinet in my kitchen. It still works and in this age of instant gratification those few seconds it takes for the transistors to warm-up and get going are a sweet reminder of slower days gone by.

What treasures do you have in your life?

Do they have stories that need to be told?

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patty w said...

OMJ..what treasures !