Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. My car is on the Toyota recall list. I’m praying daily that it doesn’t happen to me, meanwhile my mantra is: “Turn off the ignition,turn off the ignition” – hoping I’ll be prepared if it does and not do a total freak-out. [Of course, our T. Corolla did this – but it really was the car mat getting caught on the gas pedal and all I had to do was a little ‘flip-up’ with my foot to get it to un-stick…]
  2. I read blogs – Sometimes I feel like I read a lot of blogs and sometimes I feel like I don’t read enough blogs [there’s JUST SO MUCH INFO OUT THERE and I want it all.]
  3. Some blogs I’ve read this week have made me so sad for the writers who are obviously searching for The Truth – but looking in so many different places without finding Him. Praying about how to approach / respond / reach out to these people I know only peripherally and who have no idea what Christ has to offer them.
  4. And I keep / write a blog – a place to share with family and friends, a place to record stuff I want to remember [and possibly scrapbook later] – a place where I’ve become more purposeful about what / how I write – and now I’m surprised to see I have ‘followers’ [and that makes me happy, and a little scared too – I’m afraid I might let them down.]
  5. And on that same thought – I’ve had two people ‘un-friend ‘ me this month on facebook – have I offended or bored someone in some way?
  6. We had a beautiful snow downtown one morning this week – all melted by noon.
  7. And yes, we had snow two other days this week – a little on Sunday morning and a little more on Monday morning- I’ve got to embrace winter ‘ cause it’s here to stay!
  8. Did some traveling this week for work and family time. Always fun to see those we love.
  9. Happy Mardis Gras to those down South - hope you had a wonderful 5 day weekend!
  10. And finally, I made an appointment for my yearly check-up [18 months late] – I wish I could just make these when I’m leaving the office and not have to remember to schedule them myself.

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