Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Getting back on the treadmill after our holiday wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined – it actually feels good – and my body seems to want it… this is [so] very odd for me.
  2. And, while I know I’m still no great athlete [I do 30 to 40 minutes a day, folks] I can look back to a year ago and see a HUGE difference. Yay for me – my new goal: two marathons a month [WALKING 52 miles total – and if you think about it, THAT really shows you how very little I’m doing –] I hope to get up to a MARATHON A WEEK! Can I do it?
  3. The winter garden is planted! We hope to have little sprouts of onion, cabbage, bibb lettuce, brussell sprouts, and spinach coming up soon.
  4. How fun to have two of my favorite people in the scrapbook world mention me on their blogs. You can see why here and here.
  5. After waiting – and waiting [and waiting] to find out about the aftermath of the plane crash on Wisteria Lane I turned on the TV to find that I MSSED IT. It was on the first week in January while we were out / town. Hulu, here I come-
  6. And after Drew set me up with Hulu I realized I’d not only missed the first episode after the plane crash – but FOUR more – so I’ve spent a couple of evenings knitting and catching up with the folks in Fairview. Ha.
  7. No out of town travel for work this week and was nice to have time to get caught up and organized in several areas [manual revisions, email, the never-ending paperwork.]
  8. PMS or PMH? All I can say is that for the last six months or so I’ve awoken with a HEADACHE on THAT day, consistently – who knew?
  9. Started working through the scanning of the negatives – what a TRIP down memory lane. The scanner is doing such an excellent job. Can I just declare it one of the best gifts – ever?
  10. And finally, this week I ate the last little package of micro-wave kettle corn that we picked up in Colorado – I haven’t been able to find it around here [yet!] and that makes me kind of sad.

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