Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday 02-22-2010

  1. Loving the Olympic commercials so much more than those for the Super Bowl this year! [“I’m sitting on a horse.”]
  2. Michael J gave me a scare this week – on one of our snow days I went out to place a tray to gather snow for snow cream and as I walking in I turned around and he was RIGHT BEHIND ME – and didn’t back off until I was inside the house. [He’s the fox that lives in our yard.]
  3. Who loves the smell of negatives as much as I do? Those who took a lot of photos back in the pre-digital days would recognize the smell instantly [it’s kind of like crayola crayons, or powdered paint for me – it just takes you instantly back to another time and place.]
  4. Yes – still scanning negatives, and as anticipated, there’s so many more once I got to 1986 – when our first baby boy was born!
  5. Yay! More than two days of normal [for us] temps this week – mid 60s* And it feels so wonderful!
  6. And double yay! The sun is back!
  7. Traveling some – I’ve been on the road 5 out of the last ten work days and the month’s not over yet.
  8. Add in the weekly two hour phone conferences [plus the extra stuff – exciting as it may be – that goes along with it ] and my work weeks are getting crazier and crazier...
  9. A very scrappy weekend – a fun new crop place Friday evening with friends, a crop I haven’ t been to for a while on Saturday, and a class in the afternoon too. Whee!

  10. And finally – we are captivated by curling. We’ve looked up the rules and learned new words like ‘house,’ ‘biter,’ ‘guard,’ and ‘hammer’ – maybe because this is the ONE winter Olympic sport we think we could do?


patty w said...

OMJ !! We have gotten caught up in the sport of curling too! I find it so intriguing. Skill, strategy and some luck! Still trying to figure some of it ..

We used to have a fox come through here but I haven't seen him in a while.

Have a great week!

Becky said...

I just love that fox

Anonymous said...

I am soo glad to know that we were not the only ones who loved the curling thing...everyone laughed at us about it but thought it was great. Jef said we were "shustered" out of th emdal - meaning it was the skip's (Shuster) fault - Jeff wanted him booted! It was too funny.....