Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten [things in my life right now] on Tuesday

Well, here we go – shall I commit to posting ten random happenings of my life each week? I’ll admit the monthly choice quotes and bi-weekly Encyclopedia of My Ordinary Life posts in 2009 were ALL PRE-POSTED so I never had to think about them throughout the year. In this chaotic-crazy-blessed life that I live can I commit to setting aside time each week for Ten on Tuesday?
Well, I’m going to give it a go!
[I may need you to hold me accountable.] Randomly:

  1. Celebrating New Year’s with friends is always fun – we’ve been hanging with most of this group on this day most every year since 1999 when we were all wondering if our lives would fall apart from the anticipated computer software crash…the photo below was taken with my very first digital [640x320] camera and I was loving this digital stuff - 12-31-1999 [Did we meet at Shoney's at the last minute to celebrate with hot fudge cake?]:
  2. Kids – comfortable in our house – throughout the week [as many as thirty a night at times] – and even scouring every inch of things when looking for someone’s lost keys [found three days later inside our loveseat – after removing the six unmatched black socks that it had somehow eaten…] Glad I did some deep cleaning before Christmas – but I’m sure they saw the dust bunny family that scurries across our wood floors anyway…
  3. Working. Every. Day. While most of the world was not – very sloooow and looong days.
  4. Not enough time to ‘just be’ with my sweet hubby – as we transitioned from holiday mode [getting it all down and packed away] to vacation mode [packing things up to head out again!]
  5. Family Time – always a great treat! This year we gathered with all of our immediate family [parents, siblings, nieces and nephews], as well as many of my 32 cousins on my mother’s side of the family. It’s so good to see that no matter our differences and choices in life we love each other anyway. There’s such age differences here – some of my cousins are my mother’s age and have kids my age… And so we may not all be best friends with each other – but we always – always want the best for each other. And we sure missed those who couldn’t join us!
  6. Christmas cards mailed – finally. Oops, or are they?
  7. I had a grouchy moment [or two-?] that I wish I could take back. Let’s be honest, this PMS that is accompanying my pre-menopausal stage of life is just NO FUN. I’ve never had PMS before. I know – TMI! [too much information]
  1. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who has taken on the planning and execution of family travel these past few years. I used to be the hyper-organized one and lately we seem to have switched roles a bit. And, it’s nice. He prints me a spreadsheet [with double dots – ha!] so that I can still have a feeling of being in control even though we both know I’m not…
  2. Cleaning the refrigerator of left-overs. Yay for me and yay for the cats and various wild-life [possums, fox, raccoons] that live in our yard. It went to a spot next to the compost pile…
  3. And finally – more snow than the boys in my life have ever seen before!

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patty w said...

That's a great pic of the trees all covered in snow.

Good luck with your Ten on Tuesdays !