Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everyone likes a little pat on the back ---

and I've gotta admit, I'm no exception to that rule - You all know how excited I was to be 'published' for the first time - evah! It's just a fun feeling to see your own stuff in the pages of a magazine. And in addition to that, I got a little happy feeling when I received THIS email from the editor of the Hobby Lobby magazine:

"Thought I would let you know - your website (blog) was seen by someone in the Hobby Lobby "internet" division and was forwarded to the President of Hobby Lobby! He then, forwarded it to the Merchandise Mgr, who forwarded it down to me! They were all very impressed! Wow and Thanks! It made my day!! ... It made [us] happy and made the magazine look good! "

Goodness! You just never know who might be reading the words you write - and we should all be mindful of that, always. Thanks to everyone! THIS email made my day!

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Sheila Hatcher said...

That is just too cool! I bet you were almost pinching yourself, trying to believe what you were reading, huh?
I would call that more than a "little" pat on the back.