Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OM[old stuff] Giveaway!

Okay - so I [still] have bunch of stuff that needs to GO -

and I'm really tired of seeing the OMG abbreviation everywhere

[I try hard to make my mind read 'oh my goodness!]

So am hoping that we might also come to think of it as
'Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway!

I plan to randomly draw a name from the comments on this post and send that person a little bag of goodies that hopefully they can use
[new to them and all, you know...]
It's been a full and happy month for us - with lots of posts - just browse through the blog and leave a comment about your favorite post from DECEMBER.

Comments will close on Thursday night January 7th
at midnight [central.]
And the Winner for November is:
Patty said...
I also hate seeing OMG everywhere. I do the same thing you do and think of it as oh, my goodness. Thanks for the chance to win!
November 30, 2009 7:02 PM
Patty - send your mailing address to me
and I'll get a little box of goodies out to you soon!


Gloria L. said...

Has to be the AUBURN graduation!

rkl said...

I like the Creative Fun post best!

stampkjs said...

My favorite post was December 6th about St. Nick's day. Our family never celebrated that day, but the people who lived behind us - devote Catholic's with 8 children did and that was how I learned of him. We are like you, Christmas is about Christ. Santa was make believe. I don't fault people who do him up big because the meaning of Santa is a good one. I also am just like you with the OMG. That is why when I use it I do it this way; OMGoodnes! I love to post it that way because I love to say it but when it is typed out at OMG it could mean a few things to different people so I want them to hear what I am saying, which is Oh My Goodness! Blessing to you in 2010.

Susie said...

Congratulations on the graduation ! That is so exciting to see another adventure to begin.

Your posts do make me think in a different light....I appreciate that. Thanks for making a difference in my day.

Have a great time at your celebration !

patty w said...

I love seeing the grad pic of him up in the air ! Such a happy, fantastic photo ! I also loved seeing all the pics of your cards! Love seeing others creativity !

Vijaya Siddharth said...

Oh how generous of you! I love photography! I loved your photos in dec 5th post! I believe support group! Very beautiful!
Thanks for the chance! A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Jacquie Hart said...

I can't pick just one post they are all great!!

Thanks for the chance


Anonymous said...

I like the creative fun post out of all the posts.

Joan Fiskateer #808

Maxine #6215 said...

My favorite post was about taking time for yourself. "A celebration of our reason for celebration - the birth of our Savior. Let's make an effort to slow down for a moment each day as we go through this season and reflect on the Greatest Gift of All."

Just remembering what the season is all about was worth the read. So many people are trying to get rid of our rights and religion! It's refreshing to see others are not ashamed to show their love for Christ!

Divinity said...

i had totally forgotten about your blog -- for some reason when i pressed the follower didn't work last time...'cause i didnt' get any updates. i'm glad i ran across this blog a second time...this time i'm a follower!!!
i love your blog! i like all the little quotes and inspiration you have -- gives me a lot to think about each day... :)

btw, that one picture with the guy jumping in the air...i bet u'll have a blast to scrapbook! it's the type of pic you can do anything with!!! i love those!!! :)