Monday, December 14, 2009

Creative Fun!

I've been playing whenever I can find the time - things have been busy around here, so those times have been few and far between. But I wanted to share -- and remind-- that the Thanksgiving card challenge will come to an end TOMORROW -
here are the ones I made.
I'll admit that I'm not much of a card maker - but I really do want to do more with the leftovers from my scrapbooking...
I've also been playing around with my altered art - or trash art - all made from leftovers from around my craft space - I do really love these -all prayers are from a little book I picked up at a thrift store -
Oh and one more that I love - it's been sent to a friend and
I hope she likes it too -
I actually went back and did a purple 'wash' over the words to finish it off -


Marci said...

I am IN LOVE with these!!

Just a simple gal said...

Thanks Marci! It's been fun to just play - I've bought some canvases, but these are made from a cut-up postal box...