Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Smokies

I wanted to share just how much we enjoyed the quietness of nature during our
recent visit to The Smokies. We stayed right downtown in Gatlinburg beside the Little River [or creek as we usually call it] and it was so nice to sit out on our little patio and ‘play’ on the computer while listening to the water rushing over the rocks and watch the occasional ducks go by. I sure feel God’s presence when I’m close to nature –
and this was a great weekend for that.
We had beautiful crisp – fall weather the whole weekend.
On Saturday Craig had planned a fly-fishing trip
and we rented waders for me so I could tag along and take photos.
[I don't have a fancy-dancy camera, but mine does have a pretty good zoom and some features I enjoy playing with when I have the time [as well as capability to use manual modes when I want.] And, I'm feeling more comfortable with PS so all of these have been 'shopped' up a bit using The Pioneer Woman's actions -
pretty fast and easy-peasy once I learned how to use it.]
Such a fun feeling walking into the water and at first feeling like you’re getting all wet – but staying completely dry…and oh, how beautiful the trees, water, and mountains were!
As usual, I took way too many pictures!
-- but I had such a good subject!!
The next day, Craig fished along the creek, hmm, river, in Gatlinburg, and after I’d finished taking photos I got out my Bible study and sat along the creek bank and read The Word. Such a pretty and quiet [even right in town] place to meet the Lord. I didn’t want to leave. For me, there’s just something special
about being out in God’s creation where I can celebrate His majesty.
It makes me think of this verse,
"Look who's here! Mountain shaper! Wind maker!
He laid out the whole plot before Adam;
He brings everything out of nothing - like dawn out of darkness.
He strides across the mountain ridges,
His name is GOD."

Amos 4:14 [The Message.] - love it.

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mumof4 said...

Wow Judy,
I just found your blog and I have saved it in my bookmarks to check back in more often. You are a blog that I have needed. Uplifting and encouraging.
Thank you!!