Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I smelled fall today

well,really, a couple of days ago as I walked into my skin doctor's office
[for a twice yearly oh-so-fun visit to nip the pre-cancerous spots in the bud.]

You know that smell - crunchy and woodsy and, well, just FALL.
Fall has been slow to come to our part of the South and since it's my
favorite time of year
I was concerned it might be brief but turns out -
we're having a gorgeous fall season.
Today is beautiful and since it's a holiday I've checked quite a few things off my[perpetual] list of things to do - made pancakes for breakfast - took a carload [yes!, another one!] of stuff to donate to the thrift store - painted my little metal flag out front - cleaned the hardwood floors [wow! they can get really dusty underneath furniture!] - redid / refreshed a couple of dried flower arrangements - replaced the lights in my foam pumpkins [so not fun] that have little stars cut out all over & placed them on the bench out front [cute!] - deep cleaned the kitchen -sat out back and just enjoyed watching the leaves fall - cleaned out my car - and finished up my latest crafty project [still gotta hang it on the wall.]
So now I'm going to grab a bite to eat and then I think I'll scrap a bit -
I'll share some ideas with you in the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

In Florida we NEVER get Fall - that is what i look forward to when we move to the mountains - seasons - real seasons - distinct seasons - leaves with color and crisp and smell of smoke from fires designed to warm our homes....CAN'T Wait!

Kim G.