Friday, November 6, 2009


We've been looking for a new table for the past three years and finally gave up and painted our old one [bought in 1987] black to match the chairs we’d bought earlier. But I just wasn’t loving all the black in the area we’re using as a ‘dining room’ so I’ve had my eye out for just the right piece – and I’m happy to report that we found it last weekend. Love it – and am blessed that we could just scoop it up right then. It's a great brown stain with black in the grooved areas so it goes perfectly with our black chairs and the rest of the wood furniture in the room. There are times when I feel like an ‘impulse-shopper’ but the truth is, for most of our larger purchases we spend a great deal of time looking, and pricing, and comparing, and looking, and pricing, so when we see “IT” we know it and grab it up. I’m blessed that I can share many home-cooked meals and soup nights with friends and family around this table – and as an extra bonus, those sitting on the side won’t have to straddle a table-leg any longer!

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