Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ahh Fall

There's a particular evergreen [I have NO IDEA which one] that when I smell it --
always takes me back to the fall of 1977 when I was walking into my college dorm
for the first time ever -
were they growing right outside the steps?
My college years -- What a wonderful opportunity to grow,
and stretch my wings, and feel God's hand on my life.
He provides. And guides. And prepares. Just a couple of photos from my Once Upon a Time album -
showing great friends from college of all faiths.
Again, it was a little sad to see my the area where our dorms were wiped clean -
but on the other hand it was wonderful to see The Y still growing and
changing with the times and
yet still hold true to the values they hold dear.

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cynthia said...

Hi Judy- I was just checking out the blog roll for Ali's class and stopped by . Love this album and beautiful post:)