Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teresa Collins' Album -

from CKU- Provo
My Fabulous Life at Fifty!
  1. I feel the presence of God in my life daily –
  2. My husband knows me well – the good – the bad & - the ugly and loves me still.
  3. My boys make me proud!
  4. The color green [almost any shade…] makes me happy.
  5. I love my [old] house and the huge yard surrounding it.
  6. I’m still a little [?] overweight but am in better shape than I was a year ago.
  7. There are cats in my life!
  8. I enjoy my job / career [when did it become a career?!]
  9. Anxiety can sometimes get the best of me.
  10. I have a huge lawn to mow around until my heart’s content – mindless mowing is a favorite activity of mine…
  11. I’m blessed that my job has always been flexible enough to allow me to be at the boys’ activities through the years.
  12. I wish my hair was completely and evenly gray so I could stop putting color on it.
  13. I love to travel – and exploring new places with my sweetie is so fun!
  14. Looking out my kitchen window at my garden brings me joy…
  15. My pantry is organized by food group – veggies, proteins, starches, fruits…
  16. I drive a fun car! [I’m not quite ready for the ‘good for middle-aged knee version…]
  17. I love sun flowers! And zinnias!
  18. I enjoy cooking [preparing -?] a big meal when I have plenty of time.
  19. I’m pretty organized in most areas of my life.
  20. Hot flashes are so NOT FUN.
  21. I’m blessed with many good [dependable] friends in my life.
  22. I have a family that has kept me grounded as I’ve grown and changed.
  23. I enjoy staying in touch with friends on the internet.
  24. I miss camping a little bit, there, I said it.
  25. Love that I come from a family who values photos and even had them taken in the 1800s!
  26. Am blessed to have copies of these photos.
  27. I’m still learning to trust my Lord day-by-day.
  28. Baking is creative fun to me.
  29. I’m married to my best friend – ever!
  30. I have room to spread my crafty things out.
  31. I am an empty nester and while I know it’s a good thing for them to spread their wings and fly, I still feel the pain of adjustment each time they leave.
  32. I love the smell of summer rain on hot asphalt.
  33. I KNOW I’m weird, isn’t that the first step to recovery?
  34. I’m not so good with numbers
  35. My spiritual gifts are encouraging other believers, teaching, and discernment.
  36. My spice cabinet is sorted by food genre [Italian – Mexican – Grilling – Baking.]
  37. I’ve always loved photography from my earliest 110 instamatic with the built-in flash to the digital one I have now; I’ve always taken TONS of photos.
  38. Digital photography is a blessing…
  39. I’m a scrap booker – I love to creatively highlight my photos as I tell our story.
  40. I enjoy reading a good book, but have to be careful because once I’m into one it’s hard for me to do anything else that’s required in life…
  41. I would LOVE to have the money to put in ALL NEW PLUMBING.
  42. I have job security and in these recessional times that’s a good thing to know…
  43. I love listening to the boys as they have conversations about life with their fiends. So wonderful to see / hear them growing into thoughtful caring young men.
  44. I taught myself to knit this year.
  45. I’m hooked on knitting and hope to make a full Christmas stocking by the end of the year – then it’s on to a sweater for me!
  46. I don’t ‘enjoy’ flying – but I do love seeing God’s creation from the air.
  47. Girls’ Night Out doesn’t happen often enough.
  48. I should take better care of my skin [dry legs and all.]
  49. I enjoy a nice urban hike – or even an easy one on a smooth well-marked trail.
  50. I live a crazy – busy – blessed life.

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