Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thoughts on CKU – Provo 2009

- It ain’t over ‘til the scrap ladies BLING!
– love the t-shirt from the Yahoo Group!
[And my apron - all spiffed up with ribbon -hand-dyed by Margie, I might add - and buttons from my Girl's Loft kit!]
- Utah weather = fabulous!
- Meeting new friends
– girlfriends from Nebraska! Mother & daughter from Vernal! And friends who have ties to Thiokol and rocket motors much like we do here in Huntsville!
- Touring Product Warehouses!
Cosmo Cricket, SEI, and Adorn It -soooo many goodies! And soooooo much fun!!!!
- Food poisoning
afterwards [?] – Not so much…
- Inspiration Stations
– lots of cute 6x6 pages that I plan to incorporate into 12 x 12’ or 8.5 x 11 layouts…Margie is always a hoot [recession toes and all], Making Memories gave us an entire package of flowers, and Rusty Pickle – cute project, but as usual – very ‘off the cuff’ directions…
- Once Upon a Time
– Debby Schuh’s album class – THE BEST!!! I love her style and the techniques she comes up with! The variety of product was awesome and the dimensional album [chipboard-acrylic-felt] is wonderful! I bought another album filler to supplement it and am looking forward to telling my story of faith through my college years. Learned: duck will adhere to felt – who knew? And the Binderie [?] is a fun little automatic hole-punching tool!
- Only two dorms performing
– really only two dorms period – but they were cute.
- Lisa Bernson
and her two girls for the key note. She seemed fun when she was relaxed with people she knew. Heard she’d been in a car crash earlier and she was pulled together enough that from the audience we never knew.
- Margie and Tim
giving out door prizes – they obviously weren’t DE-nied!
- Class Day!
Busy and Fun!
- Wild Things
– Imagenisce - since I was the TA in Nashville, I didn’t rush to get to class on time, and once there they said my class track was the largest one and asked if I could help demo the I-Top tool [it’s pretty neat little brad maker] so I helped out and everyone was able to make a couple of brads to go on their page.
- Captured Memories
- Tim with Ranger Industries – great projects as always! I’m pleased to have four [not so] little charms to use as jewelry, embellishments, or to hang on my work ID. Learned: Glossy Accents is a great little liquid adhesive! While I’m not a big fan of ink, stamping, etc. I do think Tim Holtz is a fabulous teacher and fun to be around. He makes learning new things fun.
- Documented
– Teresa Collins – we created a wonderful 12 [tall] x6 chipboard album that I really do look forward to completing. [Maybe about my Fabulous Life at Fifty?] I really enjoyed having a class with Teresa – while I know she’s been in the biz for a while now [and it’s her JOB], I do believe she has the ‘everyday’ person in mind when she designs her products – which I’ve always loved even before she opened her own company.
- My Love Bug
- Piggy Tales – end of the day class and waaaaay too much cutting and trimming with the craft knife. It looks like a fun inter-active album that I hope to complete for a little girl in my life, using different papers, of course. [I went in the lobby and had fun working on my TC album during this time…]
- Candice Stringham’s
photography mini-class – great tips and great photography!
- Little Yellow Bicycle Travel Album
- Too cute! I stayed in the crop long enough to have this one almost completed [it’s apx. 6 x 11.5 long] and can’t wait to fill it up with stuff / photos from our trip last week! – Great for those panoramic shots of wide open spaces! Or the Vegas Strip…
- Goodies Galore!
We were given free stuff at each warehouse, and I received three different goodie bags filled to the brim with sponsor / ck stuff! Plus all the extras we received in the inspiration station / classes / album track – and, of course, purchases made! [Some of the warehouses really had some great deals, others – not so much.] We ended up shipping a HUGE box home. My goal is to get all the stuff I never plan to use OUT OF THE SCRAP ROOM before the box arrives on Friday…
- Cost-cutting measures:
We got a new and different [and very cute] CKU tote. But instead of a CKU ruler – we got a plain colored one; instead of a CKU pencils – we got one from oriental trading company; instead of shakers for everyone at the pep rally – there were just a few randomly colored ones on some of the tables; instead of caps on the tables for commencement we had CKU stickers and zipper pulls that have been sold in the store for the past few years…And of course, no printed booklet – they had changed that practice a few years back.- Teacher interaction
– it was fun to hear them reminisce about past CKU experiences [I’m thinking they said there had been a total of 45 CKUs in that past 8 years.] And it was a little sad to think that we might not ever have the opportunity to learn from this same core group of teachers at one event again. Although…

- Lots of Talk –
about re-grouping and planning for another major CK Event in 2011…

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Debby Schuh said...

It was so nice to see you again! Can't wait to see your finished album! :)