Friday, August 7, 2009

Quick Update

Can we say DUST STORMS - anyone?
We've actually had some beautiful weather while here in the Provo Valley - We enjoyed driving up through Logan and visiting some product warehouses - AdornIt / Carolee'sCreaions; Rusty Pickle; SEI; and Cosmo Cricket. Northern Utah is a green and pretty place
- especially compared to the desert to the south...
and the road through Brigham City into Logan has been COMPLETELY re-done
- a beautiful drive through the mountains instead of the winding two lane road I remember
[as equally beautiful, I might add.]
We also took a day to drive through Provo Canyon [Bridal Veil Falls, above...]
and out to Heber City - and again, wow! what changes - the narrow two lane road we used to drive along the river has been replaced with a giant [sometimes] two level four + lane... very nice and scenic drive when you're not thinking you could go off into the water at any time [like before.] the other little road is still there for river access and the water is gorgeous!
Craig spent the day fishing yesterday on a float trip and had a blast.
In other news, I've been sick as a dog [just how sick IS THAT exactly?] for a couple of days - bad food [let's just say, those little tests I had last year? I could've done them all again by Wednesday at noon! And... i doubt I eat mexican for a while...]
but am finally feeling like I might be able to eat a real meal today...
And yes, we've had dust storms that look like rain until you're in the middle
[We couldn't even see the Y or Timpanogoes from our hotel at all - and those that know , know these mountains are so in-your-face that it's hard to miss them...]
- and fires all around us [part of Zion was closed while we were there, and now parts of the interstate near the Salt Lake Airport are closed.]
Guess it's that time of the year...
CKU has been a blast for me! So fun - and yet a little bittersweet.
Small crowd - but people from all over...
fun projects and classes - I'll be doing my album today...

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