Friday, August 21, 2009

Encyclopedia of Your Ordinary Life - I

A few years ago I had the opportunity to complete this extraordinary scrapbook album designed by CathyZ and based on the book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal. While I still haven't read the book, I love the concept of this album - a random sampling of those ordinary facts about your life [my life.] The homework involves keeping a list, A to Z, of random memories for several weeks and then gathering photos [or not] to support these memories. Love it. The album is really very simple [a la Cathy Z] and easy to put together with only two square photos per page and two to four 'definitions.' Have I said I love this album? And I want to share some of my life with you so I've committed to do just that in 2009 [keep in mind this was completed during the summer of 2007.] I'm going backwards and today I present: I


Our little sign to show that we do indeed love each other, more than words can say. I can’t remember when we started using this little non-verbal [sign-language] cue as a “send-off” when we say our goodbyes. We’ve been together over 27 years now [started dating in ‘80] and I’m pretty sure this started before we were married. We’ve hoped to have our boys use it as well, but this has happened only occasionally when they were younger.


Impossible to explain system that keeps us connected and gives us the world at our fingertips. [My definition.] At the risk of sounding like my mother did when I was a teenager / young adult –“My how things change!” I can’t help but think how different my life would have been if I’d had access to all of the technology available today when I was in college! [No electric typewriter and white-out, no waiting for the mail for special letters, and no worry about long distance calling…] So – we really do love being connected to others, having knowledge [so] easily available, and living in this ever-changing world. – Yes, I love technology….

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