Thursday, July 23, 2009

My boys are great!

A couple of weeks ago we set aside some time to move some wood that had piled up from falling limbs. This allowed for my compost pile to be moved behind the garden instead of beside it. We had to be careful and on the lookout for spiders and snakes,
but surprisingly, only saw one black widow...Of course, we kept some of the smaller pieces of wood to burn in the fire pit.
And scooped up the rotten stuff and added it to the compost...
When we work together we always try to have a little fun as well... so it was so fun to see Drew riding in the wagon after walking down to unload a pile of debris - Matt got in on the fun too!Things look great around the garden and
I'm blessed to have my sweeties willing to do the heavy work with me. You guys are terrific! And john deere is pretty awesome too...

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M.K. said...

i love the third picture! matt & drew look like little kids riding along behind daddy!