Friday, July 10, 2009

It's my Party!

I'm having a birthday - and it's a BIG ONE! So to celebrate I'm doing a
Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway
every Friday this month!
Five Fridays of Goodies!
[Last week's winner: Laurie R -
please send me your name and address and I'll get your package out soon!]

As always - I have bunch of stuff that needs to GO - and I'm really tired of seeing the OMG abbreviation everywhere [I try hard to make my mind read 'oh my goodness!] so am hoping that we might also come to think of it as
'Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway!
I plan to randomly draw a name from the comments on this post each Friday
and send that person a little bag of goodies that hopefully they can use
[new to them and all, you know...]
Just post a comment about your favorite birthday gift -


viki said...

So glad I found this site! Gives me ideas and how to use my scrapbooking to promote my ideas and values!

Viki said...

Oh, I didn't read the entire post! My favorite gift was when I turned 13 and my mother gave me a surprise birthday party. I was really surprised and I had been riding my bike and had gone to some of my different friends that lived close by and it just so happened now of them where home. i was really getting disappointed because I didn't have anyone to talk to or ride bikes with. Boy was I surprised when I got home! My mom didn't take pictures so all I have are the memories! That is why I take all kinds of pictures of my kids and grandkids so they will have pictures as well as the memories!

Gloria L. said...

Ok, I'll play! For my birthday every year I just want my favorite chocolate cake. So anytime I get it, that's my favorite birthday!
Gloria L.

StudioB said...

For my 30th birthday I went to a Keith Urban concert with a friend. Went to the city for 2 nights, did some shopping too. And now this year, 2 years later, I will be going with that same friend, plus one more, to see him again!! This time it will be 4 days before my birthday.

See you around BPS,

Logan Manuel Carver said...

Me too! I will play. I think it was when my girlfriends all pitched in together and treated me to an entire day at the spa. Ahhh, bliss . . . now I have kids and who has time or money for spa?