Thursday, June 25, 2009

I know many of you are unaffected - but I have to admit I'm a bit sad to hear of Michael Jackson's death - I've been a fan of his music since I was 11 years old...I can probably still sing "Ben" and " I'll be There" and maybe a few others word-for-word with him, still, today... [A-B-C? Rockin'Robin?...]
And some of his later songs and his 'come-back' - THRILLER
- were pure genius.
I had the opportunity to see The Jackson Five live here in Huntsville in the early 70s with Lional Richie and The Commodores opening for them - wow! what a show! My dad was so sweet to actually attend this concert of screaming girls with us- and I'm not sure my cousin and I even noticed that we were
two of only a hundred or so white people there...
and then years later my brother [who is quite a bit younger than me] loved the come-back Michael Jackson with the red jacket and white glove...
He truly had a stellar career, but the saddest thing about Michael [to me, and many others, I suspect] is how his life turned out - the demons he fought for so long and the awful choices he made in life... - it's just been very sad these last few years to see the decline and know that he never quite got his life pulled together...
For now, let's focus on his musical genius and
I know I'll be one of the thousands downloading my favorites to
listen to these next few days...
what are your feelings?

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Groovy Deborah said...

I know MJ was known for antics, some he did some he probably did not do, but as an entertainer he was well loved by many. I think we have to remember that celebrities are human and make seriously bad errors at times, ,like other humans. All sin. Sad when others are hurt because of bad decisions but it is a time for people to still learn about God when horrible things occur. I hope that happened with MJ's life...that his life caused someone else to know God and that he too has gone on to be in Heaven.

I loved his music and his entertainment and will miss all of that.