Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Fireflies - 1

My take:

I LOVE fireflies! Love them. Really, every March I wait expectantly for the first little blink of light in the trees around our house – and by midsummer our yard is practically aglow with them! Love them. They’re just a little joy in life. A little bit of light in the darkness that reminds me of simpler times when any dream I had might come true. I was saved when I was 7 yeas old and as my relationship with the Lord grew I turned to Him to guide my dreams – to learn the choices He wanted me to make as I travel through this world. And I’ve found that in those times when I might be a little confused [or obstinate -?] about what He wants me to do if I’ll just be still and listen…believe that He has great plans for me, discern where He’s leading and accept this – even when I don’t understand – then things will always work out best.

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morningDove said...

how cute you were and so happy looking. love how you carried the firefly color around the border.