Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wildlife – warning this is too cute!

When S came to our house one day this weekend she kept saying, “we’ve got to go get the baby raccoons out of the road before they’re hurt” – after assurances that we would NOT be bringing said raccoons home we headed out with bucket in tow. When we got up the hill, we found that at least four other families shared the same concern and had already herded them out of the street, but the little rascals kept wondering back out toward traffic. Too cute:

I kept thinking – surely Mama Raccoon is around somewhere viciously waiting to grab whomever touched her first baby – but we never saw her… One of the men stated with confidence that he had raised a raccoon in the past and would take them home and care for them – so off they went hissing and growling in the bucket provided.


morningDove said...

oh these are so sweet. And how wonderful that someone knew how to take good care of them and keep them safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh they look so cute until they turn over the garbage can and make a party out of it. Or tearing through the food box at my campsite. I'm speaking from personal experience,of course. I'm glad someone who knows how to take care of them spoke up and took the cute little babies in.

martha (from Faith Based Pages)