Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Have Snow!!

and you know what THAT means if you've ever been around Craig or my mom when it's snowing...
The necessary ingredients can be purchased at any local yokel grocer:
sugar, evaporated milk, and vanillaThe SNOW must be fresh and untarnished...
mix together to your taste - and enjoy![Of course that's probably easier to do if there isn't someone lurking about to take your photo!]
We're in Kentucky for me to attend Fiskars Fun Day - and what a Fun Day it has been!
The local store [Scrapbook Village] worked with fiskars to pull together an event here, in what she referred to as the not so big city, and they did a wonderful job. They invited four other *local* scrapbook stores to join them to sell an abundance of fiskars products.
Fiskars sponsored, and offered four fun classes FULL of wonderful heidi grace and cloud nine product, AND the opportunity to play with all kinds of fiskars tools - both old and new -
They provided lunch as well,
AND gave away every. single. tool. used in the classes at the end of the day
- all for $39!
W e went by group to choose the tool we wanted and while some of those border punches are lovely [seriously, I'll probably be using a 40% off coupon for at least a couple of them..] I chose the cutting system with the swivel blade [retail: $44] - something I'd probably never buy for myself, but think I'll use for circles in particular...And there's a crop tonight - but I was scrapped out [with a bit of a back ache...] so finished up so Craig & I could go eat just in time to enjoy the beautiful snow falling.
There's maybe an inch on the ground...
Wish we could share some with you, Mom!

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