Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Favorite Gift

Do I have the world's greatest husband or what? I think so! For several years I've been collecting [off & on] the books from the Judy Bolton Mysteries series. They were printed from 1932 through 1967 and at the risk of revealing a little too much on the web - I am Judy Bolton, or was before I got married anyway. These books are very similar to the Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys series and were printed in different editions [book club, personal, library, etc] and my sweet hubby has spent the last few months cruising the web to gather them together for me. I now have 1-34 and 37 - 38 of the 38 books in the series! [Those last two are going for a pretty penny so it may be a while before they are added to our collection.] I'm thrilled! And since I'll be working out of town these next few weeks I plan to start reading them from the beginning once again! Yippee! A true gift from the heart -


Anna Willett said...

what a sweet, sweet hubby you have!! don't you just love it when someone knows you that well and goes out of their way to do something amazing! you are one lucky lady!

Cameron said...

How cool!! :) I love Nancy Drew, I can't imagine if my NAME had been Nancy Drew, I'm sure I'd have all of them by now, ha ha! :) Cool story, sweet husband! :)