Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hope Your Days Were Merry & Bright

Ours were. We so enjoy visiting with family for the holidays! And when children are around you can see EVERYTHING in a new and different [and fun!] way. Here are a few favorite photos of the week [children are our neice's little boy and my brother's baby]:Of course, we love our big kids too and REALLY enjoyed having our boys home from college and having the house filled with 12 to 20 kids at any given time. We're blessed that they all feel comfortable here. The only 'problem' we've had is that both boys are sick - D went to the doctor early in the Christmas Vacation and has been on a steroid pack as well as antibiotics. He's also had an ultrasound on a nodule found on his thyroid. We expect to hear from that this week. And M has had lagging energy for a few days now [partially because he's kept crazy hours once he got home - went without sleep for 24- 48 hours a couple of different times...] So took him to the doc in the box last night and he got a steroid shot [knocked him *for-a-loop* since he'd not eaten all day] and Z-pak of antibiotics, cough meds, and breathing meds. Praying they'll both be on the mend before they head back to AUburn, sometime next week.

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samlamb said...

Love the photo of Kathryn and your son! Hope all your boys are feeling well soon.