Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Faith Based Pages

A favorite photo of mine from my heritage file…this is my aunt and three of my cousins. I first saw this photo at my aunt’s funeral back in the summer and thought – what sweet – sweet evidence of how she and her husband brought their children up to know the Lord. One of my cousins said, “Of course this [the photo] was staged – but we did this at Every. Single. Meal.“

How do you record different ways that you’re teaching your children about the Lord?

  1. Using yellow paper as the base, trim two inch strip from striped paper. Adhere approximately one inch from the right side of layout, as shown.
  2. Trim photo mat [8x6] and circle from red card stock. Adhere photo [7x5] and place all on layout approximately one inch from top and left side of layout.
  3. Place "Give Thanks" transparency under photo. [Make your won by using any print program: create two text boxes; in one type "Give Thanks" in a large font; in the other type your favorite scripture of thanksgiving in a smaller font. Layer these over each other and print on a transparency or clear sticker sheet. Trim and adhere to layout.
  4. Trim lined leave paper and adhere under quote. Trim 1/2 inch strip of green paper and place over bottom edge of leaf paper.
  5. Finish with circle placed to the left of green paper. Hand-write or print date with label maker.

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