Monday, October 20, 2008

So I've been tagged --

Thanks Anna! I think the rules are that I am to post 7 random [little known] things about myself - so, let's see... do I go way out there or just give you a little of my weirdness? And Anna did a great job using lots of photos..let's see what I can come up with -

1] When I crawled into my cold bed last night [in the 60*s here and we haven't turned on the heat] I immediately thought of the many nights I slept at my grandmother's house in the country - in cold beds piled high with 3-4 [6-?] quilts... ah sweet memories.
[photo of my mom and grandmother several years before I was born...]
2] I often have dreams of being in [and around] her house - a nice, good safe place of memories.3] I love cats - and think I will always, always own one [or two, but that's really the limit!]
4] I feel blessed with more than I ever deserve and strive to live my life for Christ & praise Him for all He's done for me.5] Fall is my favorite season of the year - there's not much better than a cool evening by a fire with my sweetie and the woodsy smells of fall..
6] I was the PR person at our Baptist Student Union during college - I loved doing graphic art for posters, etc. - and sometimes wonder why I didn't pursue classes in that area... Maybe because I really did feel the Lord's call to go into social work. I love all the older people I've worked with through the years [and the wonderful stories they have to share.] And I really do still enjoy my job working with the staff who work hands-on with this population.and, 7] I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful family - more precious than words can describe -
Now to tag some others: - Lisa - Jackie Ann - Jessica - and - Dee -


Suzanne said...

Hello I hope you dont mind me leaving a comment. I have been reading your blog since Stacys give yourself a present challenge and I enjoyed your answers.
The railway line photo, is similar to one I have so I was drawn to comment.
Hope you have a good week.

Lisa J. said...

LOL Judy I just did this same thing about a month ago!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,
I just popped over from the DYL board. Your number one answer is something I think about every time the weather gets cold.

Sleeping with Grandma and driving her crazy with my constant "tell me a story grandma". One story was never enough.

Thanks for the inspiration on the DYL board.
mrs. twan